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A Decade Later
Holy Cow! I've been blogging for alomst a decade now. I'm so glad this stuff is still up. It's like time traveling to read it. I still update once a year over on http://seachange.blogspot.com . Here's to another decade! ~E

Eighth Title Index Page

Welcome to my blog archives. This is the eighth title index page for seachange. You might be looking for:

My first blog, einboston. Stories start at the bottom of the page.

My most recent entry, on seachange. The most current title list will be linked there too.

A previous seachange title index. They are listed below, and with the seachange titles, the stories start at the top of the page.

The first seachange title index (August 2002 to the end of May, 2003).

The second seachange title index(June 2003 to the end of January, 2004).

The third seachange title index (January 2004 to October 2004).

The fourth seachange title index (October 2004 through August 2005).

The fifth seachange title index (September 2005 through June 2006).

The sixth seachange title index (July 2006 through November 2006).

The seventh seachange title index was a bit of a mess due to some changes in blogger, and some image clean-up I needed to do after years of use, so I'm recreating the two links here in index 8. Don't worry about index 7.

The following entries start in March of 2007. I didn't blog at all in this format between 11/2006 and 3/2007. March of 2007 marks the beginning of me updating Blogger about once a year. So this is probably the last title index page I'll be publishing for a while. I will make sure it stays updated.

The Summer of My Life

The Second Face of Summer

Not All the Days are Best

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